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Creating Artwork for Spot UV or Foil finish

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How do I create artwork for Spot UV or Foil on my printing?

creating artwork for Spot UV or Foil printing

Think of Spot UV or Foil as a fifth colour in your artwork in addition to CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black – the primary 4 colours in digital printing) that must be added as a separate page in your artwork.

As digital printers we will print the base layer of your print from the first page/layer of your artwork. Then we normally will matt laminate over the top of this print.

Then, as a secondary process we will print the 5th colour from the second page of your artwork for spot uv i.e. Spot UV or Foil (normally gold or silver) on top of the matt laminate layer using the original registration marks so it all lines up.

So your artwork for spot uv for a double sided print should consist of 4 separate pages :
Page 1, supply the CMYK artwork for side 1 (front)
Page 2, supply the CMYK artwork for side 2 (back)
Page 3, supply the Spot UV artwork for side 1 (front)
Page 4, supply a blank page as no Spot UV is required on side 2 (back)

See the sample images

Spot UV/Foil areas must not cross any folds or perforation lines in your design. 

If any Foil or Spot UV areas continue across a fold or a perforation in your design, the finish is likely to crack and flake.

As long as your Spot UV and Foiled areas are enclosed within the safe area (at least 3mm away from the crop line on the print) and away from folds and perforations, your finished print will shine on long into the future!

If you are not sure about how to do this please call us and one of our designers can do this for you.

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