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Digital printing online - Do's and Don'ts

How to create great Digital Printing

There are some simple hints and tips that we have picked up over the years to help you navigate the world of digital printing. From simple articles on how to set up your artwork to tips on how to design a good Roller Banner – we have an expanding series of articles to help you.

FAQ - Digital Printing Online

A Series Paper Dimensions

The simplest way to explain the aspect ratio of A sizes is that 2 x one size will equate to one of the next size up. For example, 2 x A4 sheets side by side (portrait) will equate to 1 x A3 page and 2 x A3 pages side by side (portrait) will equate to 1 x A2 size.

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FAQ - Digital Printing Online

Creating Artwork for Spot UV or Foil finish

Think of artwork for Spot UV or Foil as a fifth colour in your artwork in addition to CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black – the primary 4 colours in digital printing) that must be added as a separate page in your artwork.

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roll up banner
FAQ - Digital Printing Online

How do you design a good pull up banner?

When it comes to advertising your products at a trade show, design a pull up banner. It is one of the most important tools an exhibitor can have their kit when they go to a trade show. You might be wondering why:

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