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How do you make a metal foil business card?

Applying a metal foil (normally gold or silver) sounds simple but it has proven to be a tricky technical challenge. Historically, special dies were used to press the foil onto the card with the design on them. These days we have invested in a Scodix digital press that uses polymers, UV curing and rolls of foil to apply wonderful designs to cards, invitations and high end packaging to exude quality.
gold silver foil business cards

The original method of applying silver or gold foil to cards or covers was by using a specially made die with the particular design on it.  The card, the sheet of metal foil and the die are then squeezed together in a press so that the foil sticks to the card.   Excess foil is then removed leaving the image / text pressed into the card, often adding an embossed (indented) finish where the foil has been applied.

With the invention of the photocopier in the 1960’s another foiling process became available.  Using card that had been simply printed with black toner with the image / text this could then be fed through a heat laminator with the foil sheet touching it.  The effect of the heat and pressure of the laminator allows the foil to “stick” to the black toner – hence creating a metallic foiled finish.

In late 2010 a new type of machine was designed to produce metal foiling finish – made by a company called Scodix.  This device is a digital production print press that allows the metal foil finish to be applied without dies.  Using a clever polymer print process and selective UV curing, this press allows the foil to be applied without expensive dies.  Combined with the build up of polymer layers you can create a beautifully tactile raised metallic finish to exude the ultimate in quality.

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gold foil business card

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