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Custom Wallpaper

Creating wonderful personalised custom wallpaper couldn’t be simpler.  Enter the dimensions of the wall you wish to put your custom wallpaper on. Upload your high quality image file and will will do the rest.

Our high quality latex printers are ideally suited to produce your personalised custom wallpaper.  The inks are UV stable and odour free which allow us to produce long lasting wallpaper images even in sterile environments like hospitals.  Using our software we produce your wallpaper in 1200mm wide strips (each section rolled and clearly marked) with an image overlap of 50mm Using standard wallpaper paste you can hang your wall art poster wallpaper in a few hours.

So, set your imagination free.  Re imagine rooms with an accent wall with an image or scenery that enhances the space. We have produced bespoke wallpapers for kids bedrooms, lounges and business break out spaces alike. 

  • Enter the exact dimensions of your wall
  • Quality textured (like a plastered wall) wallpaper 350gsm
  • No-fade guarantee on print
  • Splash proof and wipe clean with Latex inks
  • Vibrant full colour print
  • Installation service on request

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Bespoke | Personalised Custom Wallpaper

We specialize in online printing custom wallpaper designs. Liven up any room by creating a custom wallpaper wall which draws your attention and makes a vibrant space.

Upload your inspirational design and we will print them using our HP latex graphic printers.  The print is wipe proof and odourless and ideal for custom wallpaper in environments such as medical, educational, home or business.

Images need to be high resolution if we are going to have to enlarge them to the size of an average wall (say 2.2m high by 4m wide).  TIFF images are the best as they have no compression although they can be very large indeed – it’s not uncommon to have a 250MByte image file to produce a wallpaper at 100dpi resolution.  We also work with JPEG or vector files, EPS, PNG etc, and we will not produce the custom wallpaper unless we feel that the quality viewed from 1.5m distance will be pixelated.

There are two types of wallpaper trim options available.  We can either offer a 50mm overlap or an exact trim to edge for each sheet.  With the overlapping wallpaper sheets it is easier to make a seamless joint by using a special cutting knife that cuts through adjoining wallpaper strips (i.e. cutting both sheets simultaneously) – and with a bit of practice this method is quicker to apply (and hence more common in commercial applications).  The exact trim to edge that we offer is more akin to normal wallpaper where you butt each strip of wallpaper against it’s neighbour.  This method is slightly more conventional and doesn’t require any special tools other than a stanley knife to trim the top and bottom of the sheet once you’re done.

We normally print onto a plaster textured wallpaper 350gsm thick.  There are other finishes available on request, e.g. smooth, sand but having tried them all we feel that the plaster effect looks the best.

Then just upload your image file (we will enlarge it to give a 50mm trim on all edges) as a .pdf, .ai, .jpeg or .tiff and you’re done! 

Need design help? 

Our design to print experts are here waiting to help you.  Choose the design package that is right for you and we will provide you with the help and support you need.

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