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matt lamination

Matt Lamination

Matt lamination gives an elegant effect that offers great quality for products where image and first impressions mean everything, which is why it is a common choice for many.

Unlike gloss lamination, matt lamination can provide a softer look, as it can produce lower contrast on darker colours. Whilst forming a protective coating over the print, it does not provide the same level of protection as gloss lamination and can be prone to scratching.

Gloss Lamination

With gloss lamination the shine finish gives the artwork a much more striking look, the light reflects off the laminate, and gives colours, in particularly blacks, a richer depth.  Gloss lamination is more high profile, it adds a high gloss sheen often used on brochure covers, menus, magazine covers or presentation folders offering a high impact option.

Gloss lamination is also a durable choice as it repels dirt, scratches and fingerprints with ease. If the laminate does come in contact with dirt, it is easily wiped clean due to its glossy texture.

soft touch lamination

Soft Touch Lamination

The texture of soft-touch laminate is difficult to describe in written context – many users describe it as feeling like velvet or a smooth suede material. However you were to describe this, it is a truly unique finish with its matt appearance and luxurious feel.

The soft-touch finish definitely gets noticed and always gets an inquisitive response to its unique and unexpected feel.

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Laminated Business Cards

Beautifully presented laminated business cards convey so much about you and your business.

Our laminated business cards are printed on 400gsm quality silk board and then gloss, matt or soft touch laminated to provide that extra finish.  Matt lamination gives a cool vibe to your business cards whereas gloss lamination gives a vibrancy and extra vividness to your colours or photos. Soft touch lamination gives a unique velvety feel to your business cards that often gets remarks from your client. So, depending what type of impression you want to make chose either matt, gloss or soft touch lamination for your business cards.

If you’re looking for inspiration for a logo or a design, just select from the design options available and we can help you produce your stand out design.

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Laminated Business Cards

Are you embarrassed to hand out your current business card? If so, you already understand the importance of having a pukka business card that’s going to create the right impression.

Going for a laminated business card gives out the right messaging about your company to a new or prospective client.

Matt lamination (our most popular choice) gives a cool vibe to your business card as well as a good feel in your hand. Printed on 400gsm silk board, these business cards have a quality touch and feel to them.

Gloss lamination makes the colours and photos in your business card more lively and almost make them jump out at you.

Soft touch lamination is similar to matt lamination but the surface of the laminate feels “velvety” that you immediately feel through your fingers. It’s amazing how many times the recipient of your soft touch business card will remark on the unusual velvety texture – and you’re immediately off in a conversation having broken the ice.

Do you need these business cards quickly?  If you order and upload your files before 12am we are able to offer a next day delivery to UK mainland destinations.  Simply select the next day option.  Otherwise chose the 3 or 5 day dispatch option, whichever suits.

Choose how many business cards you need from 50 upwards.

Then just upload your image file (don’t forget the bleed) as a .pdf, .ai, .jpeg or .tiff and you’re done!


Non Standard Sizes? – No problem

If you would prefer non standard sizes then that is no problem to us.  Simply upload your image artwork with your original dimensions and 3mm bleed and we will trim them to size.  The standard business card size in the UK is 85mm x 55mm (portrait or landscape).

As long as your non-standard size is smaller than 85mm x 55mm then there is no additional charge in producing them.  If, however you would like them slightly larger, please email us and we can give you a bespoke quote.

Need design help? 

Our design to print experts are here waiting to help you.  Choose the design package that is right for you and we will provide you with the help and support you need.

We can help you produce an eye catching logo or layout that will help your business card stand out from your competitors

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