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Uncoated Finish

Uncoated finish does exactly what it says on the tin.  We print onto the uncoated paper stock and then do nothing else to it.

However, the basic uncoated paper that we use can be matt, silk or gloss and so the type of base paper you select will affect the way you print comes out.  Matt uncoated gives a flat matt finish. Silk uncoated gives a smoother feel and a slight sheen to the print.  Gloss uncoated gives a more shiny base layer which is good for photos, but bad to write on with a ballpoint pen.

UV Varnish | Coating

UV Varnish

UV Varnish (or Coating) is applied by an additional UV ink tank (clear) on the whole page after the colours of your print have been laid down. The clear “ink” layer is then cured by exposure to a UV lamp.  

You can choose either a matt or a gloss UV varnish depending on the finish that you are trying to create.  A gloss finish is great for flyers that have photos and images – the UV varnish will enhance the colour. 

matt lamination

Matt Lamination

Matt lamination gives an elegant effect that offers great quality for products where image and first impressions mean everything, which is why it is a common choice for many.

Unlike gloss lamination, matt lamination can provide a softer look, as it can produce lower contrast on darker colours. Whilst forming a protective coating over the print, it does not provide the same level of protection as gloss lamination and can be prone to scratching.

Paper Sizes Explained

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Postcards are becoming increasingly used in direct mail campaigns.  A great way to get your simple and direct message out to your clients using direct mail, magazine wraps and door to door mail drops.

Used by Estate Agents, Shopping Centres, Fast Food outlets and hundreds of other business types, postcards are a cost effective way of advertising your business.

If you would like additional personalisation with data integration please use the contact form below.  Likewise if you would like us to organise your direct mail or door to door maildrop.

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Upload Design

Upload design


Select the size and orientation of your postcard

Choose how many you want from 50 upwards

Decide on what card you would like

    • Premium – our 250gsm coated card which allows for premium finishes (if selected) like matt or gloss lamination
    • Art Board – our 400gsm thicker card (similar to business card)
    • Recycled – our 160gsm totally recycled paper sends an instant eco friendly message to your customers

Add the finishing touch

    • UV varnish adds a shiny gloss feel to your postcard and enhances photos
    • Matt lamination gives a cool matt finish to your postcard as well as adding to the stiffness

Then just upload your image file (don’t forget the bleed) as a .pdf, .ai, .jpeg or .tiff and you’re done!


Paper Options : 

There are literally hundreds of different types and brands of paper and sometimes it can be confusing to decide what paper option to go for.  We have simplified the choice down to the most common types of paper used for postcards and these are :

  • Premium: 250 gsm lightweight card for further UV coating or matt lamination
  • Art Board: 400gsm weight – equivalent to business cards
  • Recycled: 300gsm weight recycled card.

However, if you do have any particular special requests for a specific type of card (linen etc) , please email us with your request and we will source this for you.

Postcard Finishes
  • Uncoated – choose from matt, gloss or silk (only matt for recycled)
  • UV Varnish – gives photos a sheen and extra depth of colour
  • Laminated – choose matt or gloss for a more robust, water resistant finish
Non Standard Sizes? – No problem

If you would prefer non standard sizes then that is no problem to us.  Simply upload your image artwork with your original dimensions and 3mm bleed and we will trim them to size.  For example, if your design is 200mm x 200mm finished size  then select the size Up to A4 297mm x 297mm in the size tab and we will see from your artwork what the finished size needs to be.  We may just check in with you by phone just to confirm. 

Need design help? 

Our design to print experts are here waiting to help you.  Choose the design package that is right for you and we will provide you with the help and support you need.

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