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Single Half Fold

Single , Simple or Half Fold

The half fold is really the simplest type of fold: the sheet is folded in one place exactly once, resulting in a final product with four pages (two outside and two inside pages). For example, if you need a four-page flyer in A5 format, an A4 sheet is printed and then folded in the middle parallel to the shorter sides.

Z Fold

Z or Concertina Fold

The simplest version of a concertina fold (also known as a Z fold) is folded twice and results in six pages. Folding the sheet three times produces eight pages and so on. As the pages aren’t tucked under one another, they can all be the same width.

If the paper is heavy enough, concertina-folded flyers can be easily balanced on edge.

Roll Fold or Tri Fold

To create the very popular tri-fold, the sheet is folded twice inwards: once from each side, dividing it into three sections of roughly equal width and resulting in six pages.

When preparing your print data for a fold of this family, you need to know which pages will be on the inside. The reason is that they need to be slightly narrower than the other pages, as otherwise the paper would buckle when folded, making the final product rather unsightly. 

Gate Fold

The gate fold owes its name to the fact that it works like a gate. The sheet is folded twice parallel to the shorter sides, so that the edges of the two flaps almost but not quite meet in the middle without overlapping. For best results, if you’re working with a format of 150 millimetres, you should make the centre section 76 mm wide while the two flaps together add up to 76 millimetres minus two, or 74 mm (37 mm each).

Tip: Gate folds are great for advertising flyers of all kinds and especially well-suited if you want to present a surprise or give the reader the feeling that they are unwrapping something.

130gsm z fold brochure

Economy 130gsm paper

This paper is more durable than our disposable budget paper. Designed for economy it allows you to present your message in the most cost effective way.  It is most used in leaflet and flyer higher volume production.

170gsm z fold brochure

Professional 170gsm paper

This is our most commonly used paper.  The 170gsm weight / thickness means that it is difficult to see through the paper.  You can immediately feel the difference in your hand and the silk finish feels smooth (although difficult to write on with a ballpoint pen).

250gsm folded brochure

Premium 250gsm paper

This paper feels a lot heavier and stiffer in your hand and feels more like a light card than a paper.  The premium paper is opaque and second side images are not visible when the product is held up to the light.  

The premium paper is a great base for further processes like spot UV varnish and matt lamination

120gsm paper

Art Board | Card 400gsm paper

This is our standard card which we use for menus, flyers and lighter weight business cards.  The product is stiff enough to stand upright when folded and exudes quality when compared to lighter weight budget paper. 

recycled paper

Recycled 170gsm paper

Whilst all of our papers that we use are sourced from sustainable forests, our recycled paper is produced from recycled paper and packaging.  Manufacturing recycled paper uses less energy, water, and produces lower carbon emissions, than manufacturing non-recycled paper. It also significantly reduces the amount of waste sent to landfill

There is an instant visible difference between recycled and “new” paper.  Our recycled paper tends to be slightly off white with a rougher texture and a few flecks of darker coloured pulp. Although more recent improvements in the manufacturing process can produce a “white” recycled stock, our original product is still favoured by many.


Uncoated Finish

Uncoated finish does exactly what it says on the tin.  We print onto the uncoated paper stock and then do nothing else to it.

However, the basic uncoated paper that we use can be matt, silk or gloss and so the type of base paper you select will affect the way you print comes out.  Matt uncoated gives a flat matt finish. Silk uncoated gives a smoother feel and a slight sheen to the print.  Gloss uncoated gives a more shiny base layer which is good for photos, but bad to write on with a ballpoint pen.

UV Varnish | Coating

UV Varnish

UV Varnish (or Coating) is applied by an additional UV ink tank (clear) on the whole page after the colours of your print have been laid down. The clear “ink” layer is then cured by exposure to a UV lamp.  

You can choose either a matt or a gloss UV varnish depending on the finish that you are trying to create.  A gloss finish is great for flyers that have photos and images – the UV varnish will enhance the colour. 

matt lamination

Matt Lamination

Matt lamination gives an elegant effect that offers great quality for products where image and first impressions mean everything, which is why it is a common choice for many.

Unlike gloss lamination, matt lamination can provide a softer look, as it can produce lower contrast on darker colours. Whilst forming a protective coating over the print, it does not provide the same level of protection as gloss lamination and can be prone to scratching.

Paper Sizes Explained

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Folded Menu | Takeaway Menus

Folded menus are a fantastic way to be able to include a large menu in a small handy format suitable for restaurants, pubs and cafes and takeaway outlets.

Depending on your requirement we have many options to choose from.  Select the flat size of your menu, the quantity, fold type, paper and finish from the options below and your price will automatically appear below.

Select your options to get your price below

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Choose Quantity & Delivery Speed

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Upload Design

Upload design

  • Choose the maximum flat size of your menu – up to A4 , A3 or 210mm x 630mm (i.e. 210mm square when folded)
  • Choose how many you want from 50 to 5,000
  • Decide on how you want the menu to be folded.
  • Choose your paper and your finish depending on whether you are handing them out or leaving them on your tables
  • Then just upload your image file (don’t forget the bleed) as a .pdf, .ai, .jpeg or .tiff and you’re done!
  • Remember, if you need our help in designing your menu, just select the design package you need.

We also supply menus in a pad or menu place mats

Folded Menu Options : 

The most common types of fold are a Straight fold (in half), Roll or C fold (two folds down the thirds line), Gate fold (two folds into the centre) and Z-Fold (concertina fold).  For more details on these types of fold please look at our Folding your printing – How? page.

Paper Options : 

There are literally hundreds of different types and brands of paper and sometimes it can be confusing to decide what paper option to go for.  We have simplified the choice down to the most common types of paper used for folded menus and these are :

  • Economy: 130 gsm for glossy and matt
  • Standard: 170 gsm silk
  • Professional: 250 gsm for silk and matt
  • Premium : 400 gsm card in silk or matt
  • Recycled: 270 gsm

However, if you do have any particular special requests for a specific type of paper, please email us with your request and we will source this for you.

Folded Menu Finishes
  • Uncoated – choose from matt, gloss or silk (only matt for recycled)
  • UV Varnish – works well for handing out takeaway menus
  • Laminated – choose matt or gloss for a robust wipe clean finish
  • Spot UV – give your menus an upmarket, cool feel by adding spot UV to your matt laminated menu.
Non Standard Sizes? – No problem

If you would prefer non standard sizes then that is no problem to us.  Simply upload your image artwork with your original dimensions and 3mm bleed and we will trim them to size.  For example, if your design is 200mm x 200mm finished size (i.e. 200mm x 400mm laid flat) with a simple fold (in half) then select the size Up to A3 297mm x 420mm in the size tab and we will see from your artwork what the finished size needs to be.  We may just check in with you by phone just to confirm. 

Need design help? 

Our design to print experts are here waiting to help you.  Choose the design package that is right for you and we will provide you with the help and support you need.

Menu printing service:

Menus, placemats & posters |Laminated menus |Encapsulated menus |Sizes A5 to A3 |Half, C, Z or gate fold |Low prices & fast delivery


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