A Series Paper Dimensions


The simplest way to explain the aspect ratio of A sizes is that 2 x one size will equate to one of the next size up. For example, 2 x A4 sheets side by side (portrait) will equate to 1 x A3 page and 2 x A3 pages side by side (portrait) will equate to 1 x A2 size.

Creating Artwork for Spot UV or Foil finish

Think of artwork for Spot UV or Foil as a fifth colour in your artwork in addition to CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black – the primary 4 colours in digital printing) that must be added as a separate page in your artwork.

What image file size do I need for poster printing?

what image file size do I need for a successful poster print

When planning for printing a large format image as a poster you need to know what size you’ll need. We get a lot of jobs that come in to us from customers who want to print a big poster from an image on their mobile phones.

How do you design a good pull up banner?

roll up banner

When it comes to advertising your products at a trade show, design a pull up banner. It is one of the most important tools an exhibitor can have their kit when they go to a trade show. You might be wondering why: